Aloo potala rasa or potato and pointed gourd korma | Odia cuisine

Cooking vegetables everyday isn’t an easy task for many. But why worrying so much when odia cuisine is giving you some #vegetablesgoals. Yes, vegetables can be tasty.

Aloo potala rasa is dish which you can prepare easily . The highlight of this dish is its gravy. Cooked with poppy seeds , cashews , coconut and all , this dish is a must try .

If you are new to odia cuisine and want to try your hand in odia food then this dish is really nice.

Aloo potala rasa recipe :-

Servings- 4 people


Potato -2 (cut it into 4 pieces)

Pointed gourd -12-14 (just half split)

Bay leaf – 1-2

Turmeric powder- 1 tbsp

Kashmiri Red chili powder-2 tbsp

Cumin powder- 1tbsp

Garam masala- 1 tbsp

Salt as per taste

Oil for deep frying and cooking

For the masala paste-

Soak the following ingredients in hot water for atleast 2 hr , then grind it into fine paste.

Poppy seeds-2 tbsp

Pumpkin seeds – 2 tbsp

Cashews – 10-12

Grated coconut- half cup

Onion -1

Ginger – 1.5 inch

Green chilli-2

Cooking process-

First deep fry the pointed gourd and potato pieces until it turned out into golden colour. Then take a pan and heat 3 tbsp of oil . Add bay leaf put all the masala paste which prepared earlier. Sauté it for 4-5 min , then add all the dry spices mentioned above. Add half cup of water , cooked again for 5 min . When oil starts separating from the gravy add deep fried pointed gourd and potato. Give it a nice stir. Now add a cup of water and bring it into a boil. When the potato is soft enough switch off the flame.

Enjoy it with rice, puri or luchi. And if you want to prepare it without onion garlic then skip adding onion in the paste.


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