Dahi baigan |How to make dahi baigan

Dahi baigan or cooked aubergine mixed with curd is a super easy and simple dish yet full of flavors. The combination of curd and aubergine is like match made in heaven. I think every indian kitchen has their version of dahi baigan . Today i am going to share my version of dahi baigan or odia style of dahi baigan. If you are looking for an idea what to add in your lunch menu then go for it. Tastes delish with rice dishes.

Dahi baigan

Recipe by Priyanka PandaCourse: MainCuisine: odiaDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking timeminutes


  • 8-10 Baby aubergine
    3 cup of curd
    3 tbsp of vegetable oil
    2 tbsp of mustard seeds
    10-15 curry leaves
    2 Red dried chilies
    Salt as per taste


  • Wash the aubergines, slit them into four without breaking them.
  • Heat oil in pan , add slitted aubergine in it . Give it a gentle stir, add salt as per taste and cover it .
  • Cook it around 10 minutes on medium flame, stir it in between. Meanwhile beat the curd thoroughly using a beater until a smooth texture is attained .
  • When aubergines become soft from every side, keep it aside.
  • Add mustard seeds , dried chilies, curry leaves into that remaining oil in the pan. let it splutter,switch of the flame and add this tempering into the beaten curd.
  • Add salt as per taste and cooked aubergine into the tempered curd . and its done.

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